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Kadokawa Shoten. He is very hardworking and kind. She was born and brought up in an upper class family in the Old District, but she has lived by herself in a low-priced apartment in the New District since she started attending Yuihime Girls' Academy. Shingo tells Miu she should go home after school and get some rest because she has been pushing herself for the animals. Retrieved November 26, But on their first day at Yuijo, the principal's daughter, Sena Airi, announces that she will never agree to the merger. This is exacerbated when she notes the growing closeness between Shingo and Miu.

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She has two cats named Domon and Karin inside the house. Shingo brings Miu to his home and after a night's rest she returns home. Sana later suggests that she and Shingo go buy a Christmas present for Miu, but Airi is concerned that Sana will end up hurt again.

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And the students are not hospitable to the male guests! Categories :. Miu Amaha. In Miu's route, she becomes the adviser for the Nuko-bu.

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Drama , Harem , Romance. She is a graduate of Yuihime Girls' Academy, and Ranka's friend. Miu also tells Shingo about when she first met Pannya with its mother and later on found Pannya alone and hurt; Miu intends to eventually release Pannya back into the wild. Airi is a second-year student of Yuihime Girls' Academy and the principal's daughter.

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NA Sentai Filmworks. She later becomes Shingo's maid, and refers to him as master. Description Sana's younger brother, he only appears in the PSP version. He was sickly and asthmatic in his childhood, but he is in good health now. Retrieved November 19, Shingo's parents are to busy with their work and thus he is seldom at home Shingo has five love interest: Airi Sena In the manga, she became his girlfriend. She is the founder and president of the Nuko-bu, a school club whose purpose is to care for injured wild animals and then return them to the wild. Airi asks them to keep her living situation a secret so as to maintain her image at school. Anime and manga portal. She is very kind around Shingo and tries to not leave Airi out of things.

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Shingo officially joins the Nuko Club and assists Sana in posting member recruitment posters around the school since six members are needed to prevent the abolishment of the club. October 24, Miu also tells Shingo about when she first met Pannya with its mother and later on found Pannya alone and hurt; Miu intends to eventually release Pannya back into the wild.

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Shingo notices Miu's wounded fingers and Sana tells him that Miu lets animals bite her to assure them that she will not hurt them. Shingo and the others have to arrive early every day to care for the animals. There he find Miu who explains that this is the Nuko Club, which cares for injured animals before releasing them back into the wild; Pannya is one such animal.

Mashiro-iro Symphony -- Shingo & Miu - Autumn Leaves

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