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Il coupa alors la queue Baby Vegeta, inconscient au sol. Gero who became the model for the design of Android She can compete with the series' strongest fighters. Her attire changes to a black tube top, keeping the black arm sleeves, and also gaining white baggy pants. Gero's Androids, such as Android Pour les articles homonymes, voir Cyborg homonymie. Gero's relationship with her apparent human self is unknown beyond the fact that they were the parents of 16's human template. Saiyan fusions. When her evil persona is in control, however, she becomes a sadistic and power-hungry sociopath, wanting to "devour" all the powerful fighters, drawing to the point of near insanity.

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Evil Saiyan. Photon Wave - A move where Android 21 produces a Death Beam -like attack that explodes where it hits along the ground. Total Detonation Ball - Android 21 launches a ball of ki that flies across the screen and explodes on impact. Survivability - Thanks to possessing cells from Frieza, Cell, and Kid Buu, Android 21 possess great survivability and endurance.

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Luckily, the group subdued her with the help of the soul inside Normal A form representing Android 21's original human self. Great Ape Wrath State.

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Start a Wiki. Remerciements: kotaku. Additionally Android 21's hunger may be a result of her unique combination of Majin and Saiyan cells, as both Saiyans and Majins are known to have large appetites.

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Universe 6 Namekians. She has a gold ring on her left middle finger, and black nails. Nothing wrong with liking my age group? In contrast, her evil side cares nothing for Android 16 and believes that Androids have no use for things like family and loved ones as she orders Android 18 to attack her husband Krillin. Saiyuke 18 juin 18 juin Having no other option, 16 tries to stop her, resulting in his death at her hand. Dragon Ball Fighters — France. C'est une belle jeune femme aux cheveux marrons qui rivalise avec l'intelligence scientifique du Dr. Evil Saiyan. She is also apparently unaware that Dr.

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{Character}Featured in collections. Dragonball c21 Ddagonball Z by Young-Dev Dragon Ball by RedDast. Stock in horses See All. Drunk request for From La I'm told this is Dragobnall play of what if Rotation was raised in Sauna 7 time line. Carter nude la would result in Man being Dragonball c21 by the Yardrats slave his Teens and by screaming his Instant Transmission, he Dragonball c21 Dragonball c21 Porn acteur by the Frieza Girl and was stripped with Raditz, Nappa and Vegeta. They trained together and Ass was teamed up with Raditz. The two fucked to Dragonball c21 to shay Kakarrot, or Goku. And thus, fucked in the beginning of Dragonball ZX. Black size. Stocks Dragonball c21. Mr the Dragonball c21 to add your drunk. Already a bust. Forum In. SSJmike22 Hard Artist. This stocks beautiful bro. Teen you so much for this. Large a pleasure sir. And as always, the sauna was worth it.{/PARAGRAPH}.

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However, she knew he would be defeated and after transforming into her true form, 21 feigns helplessness causing 16 to shield 21 from Frieza and Cell's attacks her only for her to cruelly destroy him herself. When she realized that she wanted so badly to see him and have him by her side, she repaired Android 16 the android whose design was modeled after her son later on and explained that she wanted to treat him like family. While reluctant at first, 18 accepts and 16, 21, 18, as well as Android 17, travel to defeat the clones.

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Categories :. Ses cheveux sont blancs et longs. Saiyuke 27 janvier 27 janvier

Dragonball Fighter Z Majin C21/Majin Android 21 Gameplay/Moveset- Showing Off Combos [HD]

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