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At one point, an alien junk dealer was introduced into the story and Kira worked in a sort of used car lot that was run by a former Republic pilot, who was an elderly father figure for Kira. Rey then saw Skywalker himself kneeling before a burning temple alongside his astromech droid, R2-D2 , before the vision shifted to one of death: Kylo Ren and the Knights of Ren killing many people. While in the walker, Rey generally stayed inside the lower troop deck, though there was a speeder bike garage and upper troop deck in the walker. Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway. She could not harm him, yet nor could Ren use his powers to reach into her mind due to the actual distance between them. Rey saved BB-8 from the worm, made it safely to Rey's, and fed the worm a hunk of scrap. Rey was a gifted pilot, who developed her flying skills with nothing but a flight simulator program. Thereafter, Rey embraced these events and the abilities she was just beginning to learn when she sought out the exiled Skywalker, rekindling a spark of hope for a galaxy on the road to war.

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Rey embraced Finn when Chewbacca said the rescue was his idea, and she thanked him for coming back for her. But Rey demanded it back, pointing out that she had just saved his life and thus was initiating a fair trade. Rey helped the old man capture his creatures who were running away. She then heard a rumble, which led her to activate the lightsaber and go further.

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The Gabdorin Krynodd then appeared, stating that he was the new junkboss in Nimma Outpost and that his boys were the law now, instead of Zuvio. Pulled back by Teedo's sounds of distress however, she quickly ran back, picked him up and proceeded to sprint towards the outside. Solo inspected the ship and talked to Rey about the modifications that Plutt had made on it, including a compressor on the ignition line, which they both knew put too much stress on the hyperdrive.

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Rumors of an Imperial base on Carbon Ridge once compelled Plutt to mount an expedition there. Rey proposed that they let her and Plutt go and she would give them the head. Trusting in the Force, she accepted her destiny as a Jedi and proceeded to clear away the boulders from the exit, allowing the surviving Resistance members to escape; here she reunited with Finn, and embraced him. Best Female Newcomer.

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On their way, they were attacked by three bandits who were attempted to steal BB Her intention, ultimately, was to commandeer a ship and escape from Starkiller Base, so she made her way towards a hangar where she found TIE fighters that she could steal. Rey and the others met with the diminutive pirate and told her about the map to Luke Skywalker. Despite the harsh conditions of her upbringing, Rey was compassionate and willing to help those in need. Star Wars Battlefront II. Archived from the original on 12 May It was then that he revealed himself as Han Solo. She developed skills as a warrior, [11] with the ability to expertly wield a quarterstaff against those who would threaten her. It was then that Rey learned about the night of Solo's betrayal as explained from Skywalker's point of view.

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By combining Leia's lightsaber with the Skywalker's lightsaber , Rey managed to reflect Palpatine's Force lightning back onto him in order to disintegrate Palpatine, destroying his throne and collapsing the chamber they were in on top of the cultists of the Sith Eternal - a skill previously shown only by experienced Jedi Master Mace Windu shortly before his death, and even then Mace only caused Palpatine's face to become disfigured. ABC News. Finally, she found herself in the middle of a snowy forest, where Ren ignited his lightsaber and stalked towards her. However, as soon as she stepped out of it to barter with Plutt, Devi and Strunk stole the ship and fled the planet, leaving Rey with nothing to show for her work.

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She initially felt vindicated by Ren's betrayal of Snoke, exulting at the way he saved her by striking down his own master, yet was shocked by his resolve to continue down the dark path, having felt certain that Ren's redemption was the will of the Force. Rey told Leia how Han had walked out and met Ren, and when he was stabbed at the hands of his son's weapon, he didn't cry out or fight, but he reached out and put his hand on Ren's face before falling. As a side effect of that mind probe, Rey inadvertently unlocked some of her dormant Force abilities by accessing memories of Ren's training which, in turn, served as her own training in the ways of the Force.

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